Same Sex “Marriage”

As with any topic, it’s important to get information from both sides of the debate, but most media outlets are ignoring one side. They are presenting same-sex "marriage" in a way that is misleading the public. It is based, mostly, on emotional decisions, rather than facts. The web page, Top Christian Resources on the Marriage Debate | Strategic Apologetics Study Center, promises to be the best resource on the topic of same-sex "marriage" and what marriage really means. Check it out.

I will continue to add articles to this page that I think are also important.

From the Children of Same Sex Couples

A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights -added April 27, 2015

My Father Was Gay. Why I Oppose Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage. -added April 21, 2015


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The Fall of Fertility: How Redefining Marriage Will Further Declining Birthrates in the United States -added April 27, 2015

Children Raised By Same-Sex Couples May Do Worse When the Couples Marry -added April 21, 2015


The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage: 6 Common But Mistaken Claims – The Gospel Coalition -added Aug 9, 2015

Same-Sex Marriage: It’s Time to Discriminate -added June 8, 2015

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