No More Democrats #NoMoreDemocrats

Note: I now have a Facebook page for No More Democrats.

First, let me be clear. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I have issues with both parties. If there’s a party I find myself mostly closely aligned with, it’s the Constitution Party, or even more precisely, the fictional Voice in the Wilderness Party. But the reality is that neither one of those parties stand a chance of being elected, so I need to vote smartly. I need to vote against Democrats.

I don’t understand why people vote for Democrats, especially Christians. It’s a party built around non-Christian principles, and at times has been specifically anti-Christian. It bills itself as the party of compassion, but in reality the reality is that many, if not all of it’s policies hurt people and families. And they don’t care!

So this will be an ongoing list of reasons why people should vote against Democrats at every level of government. Let’s see #NoMoreDemocrats in office.

  1. Democrats Boo God at Convention
  2. Supporter (Democrat) Omits ‘Under God’ From Pledge While Introducing Hillary Clinton
  3. Democrat sees air conditioners as a threat equal to ISIS
  4. Democrats defend Planned Parenthood despite illegally profiting from the selling of aborted baby parts
  5. DNC Wikileaks hack reveals CNN in bed with Democrats.
  6. Pro-gun Democrats silenced as party veers left on Second Amendment
  7. Democrat Congressional Candidate Thinks 9/11 Was ‘One of the Greatest Events in Human History
  8. Liberal EPA admits breaking the law
  9. Road to urban despair paved by Democrats
  10. Democrats and Satanists agree that abortion is good
  11. The Illegal Immigration Problem Is A Democrat Problem « Cogitandi Libere